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Happiness is a Big Tree on the Wall

  In the hallway outside my lab, about 800 species of Bembidiina, together in one tree. ¬†ūüôā

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A nematode-filled Bembidion canadianum

Shannon, a student in the Discovering Insect Species course, went down to Eugene last weekend and looked for Trepanedoris. To say that she did well would be an understatement. ¬†She caught all four species that I had seen from the … Continue reading

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Discovering Insect Species: preparing beetle DNA

Over the last couple of weeks in our Discovering Insect Species course we have been processing samples from our Klamath Marsh trip, and worked with the DNA of the beetles. ¬†Here’s a bit of what we have done. Extracting the … Continue reading

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The Bembidion acutifrons story

There are a number of subgroups¬†within Bembidion subgenus Trepanedoris¬†whose structure of gene flow and species boundaries are not understood. ¬†The morphological data indicates several forms within these subgroups, but whether this variation is indicative of separate species is not yet … Continue reading

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