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Happiness is a Big Tree on the Wall

  In the hallway outside my lab, about 800 species of Bembidiina, together in one tree. ¬†ūüôā

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Infer all the branches!!!!!

I’ve already sent this image out into the Twitterverse, but I thought I should record the¬†thought here as well. ¬†Sometimes us phylogeneticists are rather obsessed about having a complete phylogeny. In one moment when¬†I was dreaming of having all Bembidion … Continue reading

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Changing of the guard

In 1985, my brother Wayne wrote the first version of MacClade, a graphical program for studying branches of a phylogeny (“clades”) and phylogenies more generally. ¬†It was a very small program, that did just a few things, but was notable … Continue reading

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