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The legacy of a taxonomist

I have recently been looking through the notes of Kenneth W. Cooper, a renaissance entomologist who wore many hats, one of which was as someone passionate about the same beetles I love, the genus Bembidion.  Kenneth and I began corresponding … Continue reading

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Time is the coin of your life

In my wallet I have a fortune from a fortune cookie which I opened long ago (I don’t remember where or when).  It says: Time is the coin of your life.  It is the only coin you have and only … Continue reading

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The excitement of discovering patterns in nature

When a pattern in nature emerges, suddenly revealed through new data, I get a high unlike any other.  It is this aspect of systematic and taxonomic work that I like the best, which keeps me enthralled, and which I crave … Continue reading

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Academic Beans: Citing Software

Scientific software is worthy of being cited on its own, without reference to a paper in which the software is described, and citations of the software should be tracked in the same way one would for a standard journal article. … Continue reading

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Academic Beans: the strange world where 1 can equal 5

One of the interesting aspects of scientists in academia is that they love to quantify things wherever possible.  In some circumstances, this is a very good idea, as it can lead to greater precision and rigor.   But the increased rigor … Continue reading

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