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Hiding in Plain Sight

In most groups of organisms there are taxa that are very isolated phylogenetically, and are structurally so distinctive that they are easy to recognize (the Australian platypus and Welwitschia mirabilis come to mind).  Some of these isolated taxa are considered to … Continue reading

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Mirror, mirror, …

… but not on the wall. This image hurts my brain.  A lot. I suspect that other folks who study Bembidion have sore brains as they look at this, too. Why?

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The excitement of discovering patterns in nature

When a pattern in nature emerges, suddenly revealed through new data, I get a high unlike any other.  It is this aspect of systematic and taxonomic work that I like the best, which keeps me enthralled, and which I crave … Continue reading

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“Local” carrots

Here is a bag of carrots.  They were grown at a farm just outside of Corvallis, Oregon.  I bought them at the Farmers’ Market here in Corvallis.  I ate them in Corvallis. And while I should feel pleased to have … Continue reading

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3D printing and custom tools in entomology

I am excited about 3D printing. Here’s why: That’s a pinning block, an aid to pinning insects.  It’s a custom-designed one, however, not the standard sort you can buy at an entomology supply company.  This one is specifically built for … Continue reading

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Two lineages, not one

I’m back, after a long hiatus.  We’ve been busy in the lab looking at the specimens from the Big Loop Trip, and sequencing them.  Over the next few weeks I will report on some of the results.  We’ve discovered some … Continue reading

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