All but three of the following cakes were made using the Quick Chocolate Cake recipe, and covered with colored whipped cream. Two were made using a vanilla cheesecake with a chocolate-crumb crust; a third was combination of the Quick Chocolate Cake recipe and pumpkin cheesecake.

The Treachery of Cake
This one has layers of chocolate cake and pumpkin cheesecake. 26 Nov 2022.

Hiking with dogs, kayaking into the pool
50th birthday cake, October 2022. (Kayak by DanNell and friends)

Bembidion (Trepanedoris) with variation in copy number across the rDNA cistron
On the occasion of John Sproul and Lindsey Barton departing the lab. 2018.

Cordley Remodel
September 2018.

Birthday cake for David and Wayne. 2018.

New Zealand
For the going-away party of Virginia Weis as she departed to New Zealand for her sabbatical.
Cheesecake. December 2017

Lamellate Antenna
Birthday cake for Christopher Marshall.
The cake is purposefully in this orientation so that the cake looks like the letter L. 2017

In honor of Beulah Garner’s birthday. 2017.

Fungia and a snake
In honor of Virginia Weis becoming department Chair, and Bob Mason becoming Associate Chair. 2013.

244 years
In honor of 5 faculty with January birthdays whose ages summed to 244. 2011.

Carabid beetle
In honor of my new lab at Oregon State University. 2010.

Moon/Sun, Cactus/Sugar Maple
Wedding cakes. Cheesecake. 2004.

Tree of Life

Birthday cake. Made by David and Julia. 2002.


Birthday Cake. 2000.

Kip Will joins the lab for a postdoc. 2000.

Sam Hughes Elementary School
Graduation Party, 1999.

Birthday cake. 1999.

Acorn the Nature Nut
In honor of John Acorn’s visit to Tucson. 1996

Dog Biscuit
Birthday Cake. 1995

Carabid beetle
Birthday Cake. 1994

Birthday Cake. 1993

8th Street house, Tucson, Arizona

For Margaret Thayer. October 1985.