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Permanent male genitalic mini-preps

For many insects, examination of the genital structures is vital to understand species diversity. The genitalia of each species are often distinct, and species can be easier to distinguish using genitalia than other morphological traits. In carabid beetles, male genitalia … Continue reading

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Mirror, mirror, …

… but not on the wall. This image hurts my brain.  A lot. I suspect that other folks who study Bembidion have sore brains as they look at this, too. Why?

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3D printing and custom tools in entomology

I am excited about 3D printing. Here’s why: That’s a pinning block, an aid to pinning insects.  It’s a custom-designed one, however, not the standard sort you can buy at an entomology supply company.  This one is specifically built for … Continue reading

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