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Flavor 100

Today we reached a milestone:  our 100th flavor in our approximately weekly Guess the Potato Chip Flavor event in my lab.  Today we decided to celebrate the event not only with our 100th flavor, but also with five other flavors to round … Continue reading

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My favorite beetle illustration

Today I was reminded of my favorite illustration of a carabid beetle.  Here it is.  Drawn by my daughter, Julia, 21 years ago, when she was 4. Given the prominence of the area around the discal setae of the elytra, … Continue reading

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Time is the coin of your life

In my wallet I have a fortune from a fortune cookie which I opened long ago (I don’t remember where or when).  It says: Time is the coin of your life.  It is the only coin you have and only … Continue reading

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3D printing and custom tools in entomology

I am excited about 3D printing. Here’s why: That’s a pinning block, an aid to pinning insects.  It’s a custom-designed one, however, not the standard sort you can buy at an entomology supply company.  This one is specifically built for … Continue reading

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Why I spend my time with carabid beetles


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Julia’s brilliant idea

My daughter Julia came up with a brilliant idea: partial birthdays by relatedness.  It goes like this.  Say your birthday is on 1 January.  On that day, you have a birthday.  Imagine your daughter’s birthday is 1 June.  On that … Continue reading

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First post!

Welcome to The Subulate Palpomere, a blog about beetles, beetle diversity and evolution, and the Tree of Life.  I’ll post about my efforts and my lab’s efforts to discover and document biodiversity, including new species of beetles from around the … Continue reading

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