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Happiness is a Big Tree on the Wall

  In the hallway outside my lab, about 800 species of Bembidiina, together in one tree. ¬†ūüôā

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A Love of Leptoferonia

For many years I had¬†wondered who Hilary A. Hacker was. ¬†In the carabidological literature she appeared¬†on the¬†scene in 1968 with the publication of one of the best revisions of a carabid group that had been done to date, and then … Continue reading

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BotW: Cnemalobus

Cnemalobus is a genus of large carabids from southern South America. ¬† Here’s one from Chile: One of the cool things about Cnemalobus is that they make noises (they stridulate) as the run:

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BotW: Sphaeroderus

At last, a beetle of the week! ¬†However, it’s been so long since the last one that I should probably rename the feature to be “beetle of the season”, or “beetle of whenever”. Here’s a beautiful Sphaeroderus from North Carolina. … Continue reading

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Why I spend my time with carabid beetles


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