Pointing and Pinning Block v6

I’ve finally revised the 3D design of pointing and pinning block mentioned in my previous post. This new version of the block has the standard holes of a pinning block (in the center of each level) as well as holes around the outside.

Pointing and pinning block, printed by Shapeways.

The holes near the edge of each level are for insects glued onto standard points (small paper triangles). By having the holes near the edge, the end of the point with the insect on it can hang over the edge.

This version was designed by me and Julia Amerongen Maddison. I used TinkerCAD for the making the 3D file; TinkerCAD was a joy to use. Some test versions of this were printed with the help of Dan Roach – thank you, Dan! And thanks as well to Pamela Triplett for connecting me with Dan.

The 3D files are available at:

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2 Responses to Pointing and Pinning Block v6

  1. Pamela R. Triplett says:

    My pleasure, David! Anything to help science.

  2. andyburnett says:

    TinkerCAD is great. And, my son and I, have been playing with quite a cool iPad app called Shapr3D. Very early days, but it is quite a simple system to use, and working with an Apple Pencil is quite a natural way of sketching out ideas.

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