My favorite beetle illustration

Today I was reminded of my favorite illustration of a carabid beetle.  Here it is.  Drawn by my daughter, Julia, 21 years ago, when she was 4. Given the prominence of the area around the discal setae of the elytra, I suspect it has “silver spots” (granulate patches of microsculpture), and is thus a member of Bembidion subgenus Bracteon.  And, because of the lack of “mirrors” (dark, smooth patches on the elytra), and the wide prothorax, it is likely Bembidion (Bracteon) balli, named by Carl Lindroth after my mentor George Ball.  Happy Birthday, George!juliaBeetle23Feb1992

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6 Responses to My favorite beetle illustration

  1. Whoa, so even when I was four I knew about the six legs, three main body parts, and antennae in front of the eyes? I really drew that?

  2. Dru Yates says:

    This is so amazing – thanks for posting this, David!

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