BotW: Andinodontis

Andinodontis is a genus of small ground beetles that lives in the Andes of South America. Here’s Andinodontis muellermotzfeldi from near Baeza, Ecuador; it’s a bit less than 2.5 mm in length.  These beetles are part of an enigmatic lineage of trechite carabids in which I am rather fascinated.

Andinodontis V100624Large

Some species of Andinodontis live on the gravel/sand shores of creeks (in habitats very similar to those inhabitated, elsewhere, by Bembidarenas or Phrypeus), and other species live away from water on damp silt/sand soil in cutbanks of roads.  Here’s a live specimen of an undescribed species of Andinodontis running on a dirt road near Cosanga, Ecuador.



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  1. how cool to see a little video!

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