This summer my lab has had, once a week, a “Guess the Potato Chip Flavor Day”.   It was inspired by my discovery in Vancouver, BC, of some intriguing potato chip flavors.

While growing up in Canada I was exposed to a good diversity of potato chip flavors.  There were ketchup-flavored chips, dill pickle, chicken and gravy, plus the standards (barbeque, salt and vinegar, plain, sour cream and onion). There may have been more – I don’t remember.  But let’s just say that I am open to many flavors, and I am delighted to see that new potato chip flavors are now being explored around the world.

As people who like exploring diversity, and identifying objects, my lab thoughtfully tastes each chip before forwarding their guesses.

Potato Chip Tasting

Potato Chip Tasting

(As an aside, I might point out that I have a rather biased lab at the moment.  In addition to Katy and Tiffany (not present when this picture was taken), I have, from left to right, Joe, Kojun, James, Jeff, and John.  So, with rare exceptions (e.g., Tiffany), you either have to be beardless and have name that starts with a K, or bearded and have a name that starts with a J.)

We’ve done flavors from Scottish, French, and American countries so far.  My favorite among the ones we have tried was Cherry Tomato and Herbs Potato Crisps from the Scottish company  Mackie’s.  The oddest in terms of names was Haggis and Cracked Black Pepper, from that same company – but the chips themselves were not that unusual.  Lay’s Chicken and Waffles was… distinctive.


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5 Responses to Chipodiversity

  1. What did chicken and waffles taste like? Maple syrup and saltiness?

    Also this is the best.

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