“Local” carrots

Here is a bag of carrots.  They were grown at a farm just outside of Corvallis, Oregon.  I bought them at the Farmers’ Market here in Corvallis.  I ate them in Corvallis.


And while I should feel pleased to have eaten local produce, thus avoiding the environmental costs of long-distance shipping, these carrots were eaten after they were discovered in the bottom of my cooler while I was cleaning it after the Big Loop Trip.  They had been in the bottom of the cooler for all 6165 miles of the Big Loop Trip.  So, they had 6165 miles of environmental cost weighing on them.  😦  But, amazingly enough, they still tasted like local carrots.

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2 Responses to “Local” carrots

  1. Hahahahahahahahahaha. This is the best. Man I’ve had some environmentally expensive apples in my day.

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