Blowing Stumps with Dynamite

I happened upon a lovely paper by George Roberts in the Bulletin of the Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station of the State University, published in June 1911.  The paper has the very promising title “Blowing Stumps with Dynamite”, and it does not disappoint.  Its concluding two figures are classics.  Here they are:



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4 Responses to Blowing Stumps with Dynamite

  1. Mr. Magoo says:

    I really like this post – as well as the commercial advertisements below it! 🙂

  2. Ostriches have funny heads says:

    here’s another comment — so you can see how commenting on your new blog works! bravo (and man…I love the explosion figure…hard to argue with that!)

    • An Ostrich says:

      here’s a response to a comment too — why do you call yourself ‘Ostriches have funny heads’…that’s an offensive user name

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