BotW: A brilliant Bembidion

Beetle of the Day:  an unnamed Bembidion

This is a lovely but unnamed Bembidion from Arizona and New Mexico, first found by George Ball in the 1960s. I lives under willows on the banks of rivers. It is much easier to find at night (using a headlamp) than during the day. It is about 6 mm long, and is closely related to Bembidion levigatum.

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3 Responses to BotW: A brilliant Bembidion

  1. Hi Wayne – I’ve debated about posting images of unnamed species on my blog. Obviously you don’t think it’s a problem, so I’d be interested in hearing your take on it.

    • bembidion says:

      (David, actually – Wayne works on spiders.) Hi, Ted. Yes, I think we need to change the way we do things, and that includes feeling free to mention unnamed species in public. I’ll write a post about this, as it is a core aspect of the project I am now working on.

      • Woops – sorry about the name mixup 🙂

        I’ve wanted to do the same for some species I am working on but have been cautioned against it by some colleagues (for admittedly vague reasons). I’ll be anxious to read your thoughts on the subject.

        It is, afterall, a new millenium!

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