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Sheep Creek in the Cascades of Oregon

Here’s a lovely creek in the Cascades of Oregon.   This part of Sheep Creek is at 795m elevation.  It has a rich bembidiine fauna living in the gravel patches along the shoreline.  In addition to two species of Lionepha … Continue reading

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Programming Zephyr

My brother Wayne is visiting, and we are making very good progress on Zephyr. Programming is especially appealing when the outside world is covered in quiet snow. Zephyr is a package for Mesquite that links Mesquite to phylogeny inference programs. … Continue reading

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Dreaming of Saint Helena

Saint Helena is a small island in the Atlantic Ocean that is a very long way from any continent. It is approximately 1850 km from Africa, and about 3290 km from South America.  It is only 16 km by 8 … Continue reading

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The Group Photo

One of the required products of a weekend field trip is a group photo. On our Big Loop Trip this summer, we joined up with the Essig Museum group for one weekend in the southern Sierras, and had a very … Continue reading

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My favorite phylogeny

In a previous post, I showed my second-favorite phylogeny. Well, here’s my favorite one, posted on the wall outside my lab. Not that you can really see any details in this picture, but you get the idea:  it’s big.  It … Continue reading

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Art.Science: Shedding a Scenic Tear

Last week I had what I hope will be a life-changing experience. This fall I had the honor of being a juror for an exhibit of insect-inspired art, called ECLOSION, hosted by  Art.Science.Gallery. in Austin, Texas.  The event was organized by … Continue reading

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(Almost) my favorite phylogeny

I recently reported on my favorite beetle illustration.  In the same collection as that illustration was a favorite phylogeny of mine: This drawing was also done by my daughter Julia at age 3 or 4; perhaps she was depicting what … Continue reading

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BotW: Thinopinus pictus

In honor of Margaret Thayer and Al Newton’s visit to the PNW this week, the Beetle of the Week is a staphylinid.  It’s Thinopinus pictus, a large rove beetle (family Staphylinidae) that lives on the sandy beaches of the Pacific Ocean. … Continue reading

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Examining name-bearers at the USNM

I’m at the Smithsonian Institution for the next three days, working in the United States Museum of Natural History (the “USNM”).  My main goal is to look at type specimens, especially Casey types, so that I can figure out what … Continue reading

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Lindrochthus at Mount Tamalpais

In an earlier post, I wrote about how the distinctive subgenus Lindrochthus, viewed in the literature as consisting of the single species Bembidion wickhami, was actually at least two species.  And those two species live together at Mount Tamalpais, just … Continue reading

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