(Almost) my favorite phylogeny

I recently reported on my favorite beetle illustration.  In the same collection as that illustration was a favorite phylogeny of mine:


This drawing was also done by my daughter Julia at age 3 or 4; perhaps she was depicting what her father did at work.  (I think I need to add smiling hearts to my published phylogenies from now on. And happy faces on the beetles.)

The title of this post has the word “almost” in it because, as wonderful as this phylogeny is, my favorite has got to be our growing phylogenetic tree of the subtribe Bembidiina – 600 species and counting.

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3 Responses to (Almost) my favorite phylogeny

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  2. I like this one even better than your recently posted favorite.

    It reminds me of this “Guide to North American spiders” that was given to me a couple of years ago.

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