BotW: Two species of Lachnophorini

Because I have been remiss at blogging about beetles recently, today I’ll post two Beetles of the Week.  Both are members of the carabid tribe Lachnophorini. The first is a member of the genus Calybe, which are elegant, ant-like species that live on sand or silt shores of bodies of water (rivers, lakes). I found the Calybe sallei, below, in Texas.

Calybe sallei

Calybe sallei

The second is Lachnophorus elegantulus, a common species on gravel river shores in the Southwestern USA and neighboring Mexico.

Lachnophorus elegantulus

Lachnophorus elegantulus

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2 Responses to BotW: Two species of Lachnophorini

  1. Why do they have so many very visible.. hairs..? (I can’t remember the proper name)

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